Asphalt & Concrete PAVING Chemical Materials

Product Details

  • Asphalt Warm Mix Additive – compaction aid and workability – ZYCOTHERM
  • Less tracking Tac Coat – NANOTAC
  • Pot Hole Repair High Performance Cold Mix-NVM bags and bulk
  • Asphalt Pothole Repair – Fast Patch VPR
  • Cold Applied Asphalt Crack Repair – EJC 50 & 100
  • Cold Applied Bridge Joint Sealant- EJC 50 & 100
  • Asphalt Pavement Interlayer- Propex
  • Asphalt & Concrete Performance Fibers
  • Concrete Spall Repair – Fast Patch DPR & 5000

KLP Commercial Construction Supply is a direct wholesale/distributor for construction materials used for asphalt and concrete repair.

ZycoTherm SP (DMS#11000) is an organosilane additive that is mixed with the binder to produce HMA and WMA.When added to the binder, ZycoTherm can substantially help with compaction as well as improve antistrip performance. Available in totes.
Nanotac (TXDOT TRAIL MPL) is an organosilane additive to Cationic Bitumem Emulsion (CBE) for tack coat application. It improves flow and spray quality of emulsion and can also make the tack coat waterproof which substantially reduces tracking. Add to CSS1 or CSS1-H emulsion. Available in 5 gallon Carboys.
Petromat is a Geosynthetic interlayer providing a moisture barrier against water intrusion and a stress absorbing membrane to retard reflective cracking. Petromat is recommended for full width pavements and Petrotac recommended for strip treatments and bridge decks.